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A World of Music #001 - Japanese Geisha

I've had the good fortune to travel around the world over the past thirty years, combining my work with two other interests - music and photography/video. In this series, I'll share photos and videos of the music I've heard, and - just as importantly - seen.


In 1995, Angie and I moved from Osaka, Japan to Yokohama, Japan for a job promotion.

We had lived in Osaka for a year and made a slew of great lifetime friends - Oshimo-san, Tsusuki-san, Kotake-san, Kudo-san, Tsuji-san, Sakimaki-san, Sato-san, Kato-san, Yonamine-san, Kuroi-san, and many, many others. We'd shared a number of experiences together, from onsens to karaoke, to bar-b-ques, to the "Great Kansai Earthquake".

As we left Osaka, the group planned a going away party for me, but I wanted to give back something for them to remember.

Working with Tsusuki Emiko, we managed to arrange for two geisha to come from Kyoto. When they entered our dinner party that night, my colleagues were shocked. None had ever met a geisha. Mission accomplished.

Their names were Fujika and Hajika, and that night they danced two songs for us. It remains one of the most memorable nights of my life...