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The First Cut is the Deepest

It's been about 10 days since I decided to focus my first album on what I'm calling the 'Watertown' period. At that time, I listed 53 songs that were 'finished', from a writing standpoint, and - therefore - potential songs for the 'Watertown' album.

I've spent the past 10 days listening, re-working, re-listening, and assessing the songs. Besides the overall 'feeling' of each song, I've been focused on the groove of each song - how the drums and bass interact.

The groove is everything, and one of the hardest parts of a song to get right, so that's my first concern when picking songs. Based on that criteria, I've narrowed from 53 songs to 32.

  1. Can I Have You

  2. Cheerleader

  3. Enchanted

  4. Forbidden Love

  5. Heart of Stone

  6. Hold Me Tight

  7. I Love Her (from a distance)

  8. I Want Her

  9. Life's Too Short

  10. Movie Movie

  11. No More Love

  12. One More Time

  13. Raise A Glass

  14. Rock N Roll Widow

  15. Rotten Boys

  16. She Wears It Well

  17. She's A Girl

  18. She's A Rollercoaster

  19. She's Not You

  20. Somebody's Girlfriend

  21. Take Me

  22. Tanya Baby

  23. The Singer

  24. Through and Through

  25. Together

  26. Too Young

  27. Trying to Run My Life

  28. Wait All Night (For Your Love)

  29. We Can Work it Out

  30. When You're Not Around

  31. You Make Me Hate Love

  32. You Seem So Far Away


Which means I cut these 22 songs from the current project.

  1. Breaking All the Rules

  2. Can't Let Go

  3. Christy

  4. Hold On

  5. I Just Can't Take It

  6. I Think About You

  7. I Turn to You

  8. I'm Not Going Down Again

  9. If You Love Her (Set Her Free)

  10. In The Night

  11. Leave Me Alone

  12. Little Did I Know

  13. Losing Control

  14. Motorcycle Girl

  15. Slipping Away

  16. Susceptible

  17. They All Love

  18. Tonight is just one night

  19. Too Tired

  20. Travesty

  21. Yesterday's Girl

  22. You're Singing Out of Tune

Some of these cuts were obvious. Others were tough. In particular, Christy, I Just Can't Take It, Travesty, and Yesterday's Girl are songs I'll revisit.

As a side note, if you have even a rudimentary ability to do the math, you'll notice that there are a total of 54 songs on these two lists.

That's because my longtime friend (and bassist / guitarist / drummer), Russ, tried to point out a couple of songs I'd forgotten that I'd written. While his efforts were unsuccessful (at least for the moment), he did remind me of a song (When You're Not Around) that he doesn't remember... which is the height of irony, I think...

Anyway, this is where we stand today!