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A Salute to the Cast & Crew

Here's the thing... the number of people that it takes to get a band - even a crappy local band - on stage is often 2X the number of musicians.

Equipment gets 'torn-down' and packed up from the rehearsal studio, then carried to vehicles, then packed in vehicles, then driven to the venue, then unpacked from the vehicles, then carried to the stage, then unpacked, then set-up on the stage, then tested.

Then we play our show, and the process is reversed (often at 2am, if you're a bar-band), to get all the equipment back home.

Add in stage lighting, sound equipment, flash pots, fog machines, stage backdrops, clothes... and then realize that every venue is different, nothing works the first time you plug it in, and Murphy's law is always in play.

Oh, now do it in Watertown, New York amidst heat, humidity, mosquitos, and rain in the summer; and snow, ice, and freezing temperatures in the winter.

Imagine packing and unpacking the Kardashian sisters on a 3-week, 8-city tour of Europe, with all their favorite clothes and pets, and you'll have a rough idea of the challenge.

That's why a four-piece band needs an 8-person crew.

A five-piece needs a 10-person crew.

A... oh, screw it... I assume you can do the math...

Anyway... there are musicians and there are roadies - the road crew. Musicians get paid (nominally). Some of the crew get paid (nominally). And then there are those that just show up and help.

Realize this... No band would be sustainable without the crew and supporters.

So this list of folks from our Watertown bands over the years - Emzinar, Starfire, and Mickey Torpedo - will start with the crew (in alphabetical order) and end with the musicians (likewise)... all of whom were "Members of the Band".

The Crew:

  • Keith Babcock (Road Crew)

  • Mark Carson (Road Crew)

  • Mike 'Lefty' Deline (Lights)

  • Mark 'Big Guy' Everett (Sound, Lights, Heavy Lifting)

  • West Francus (Road Crew)

  • Darryl Fuller (Lights)

  • Dave Giles (Road Crew)

  • Rob Hartz (Drum Tech)

  • Mike Hayes (Jack of all Trades)

  • Marylou Hughes (Band Chef)

  • Larry Jobson (Lights)

  • Al 'Ching' Johnson (Sound)

  • John Massey (Road Crew)

  • The Torpedo-ettes (General Awesomeness)

  • Chris Wilson (Sound)

  • Doug Wood (Mentor, Guardian Angel, Sound, Keys)

  • And a cast of dozens, if not hundreds, who assisted on any given night...

Roadies or Rowdies?

The Musicians:

  • Mark Bradley (Bass)

  • Jeff Barrett (Vocals)

  • Mike Calendar (Guitar, Keys, Vocals)

  • Steve Cormorant (Vocals)

  • Tom Dier (Vocals)

  • Mike Flavin (Guitar, Bass)

  • John 'Joe' Glavocich (Drums)

  • Glenn Hughes (Guitar, Keys, Vocals)

  • Al Izzo (Bass, Vocals)

  • Tim Jeican (Drums)

  • 'Wild' Bill Palmer (Keys)

  • Jim Peck (Drums)

  • Bruce Peterson (Bass, Keys)

  • Tim Plante (Keys)

  • Russ Randall (Drums, Bass, Guitar)

  • Barry Russell (Bass)

  • Paul Turcott (Bass)

  • Paul ' The Wall' Van Wormer (Vocals, Guitar)

Thanks to all those above. If I left someone out, it's not intentional. Let me know and I'll add them!!

Any good music, good times, and good memories that were created by those bands were a result of the contributions of ALL these names... and more.

You didn't think I forgot about girlfriends, did you?

Ah yes...

Girls are as integral to

rock and roll as guitars are.

But that's a topic for another post...