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Which Songs? Narrowing from 53 to 12

The good news is this: I have plenty of songs to record an album.

The bad news is this: I have to narrow the number of songs.

The songs from this era - what I'm calling the 'Watertown' period (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Breaking All the Rules

  2. Can I Have You

  3. Can't Let Go

  4. Cheerleader

  5. Christy

  6. Enchanted

  7. Forbidden Love

  8. Heart of Stone

  9. Hold Me Tight

  10. Hold On

  11. I Just Can't Take It

  12. I Love Her (from a distance)

  13. I Think About You

  14. I Turn to You

  15. I Want Her

  16. I'm Not Going Down Again

  17. If You Love Her (Set Her Free)

  18. In The Night

  19. Leave Me Alone

  20. Life's Too Short

  21. Little Did I Know

  22. Losing Control

  23. Motorcycle Girl

  24. Movie Movie

  25. No More Love

  26. One More Time

  27. Raise A Glass

  28. Rock N Roll Widow

  29. Rotten Boys

  30. She Wears It Well

  31. She's A Girl

  32. She's A Rollercoaster

  33. She's Not You

  34. Slipping Away

  35. Somebody's Girlfriend

  36. Susceptible

  37. Take Me

  38. Tanya Baby

  39. The Singer

  40. They All Love

  41. Through and Through

  42. Together

  43. Tonight is just one night

  44. Too Tired

  45. Too Young

  46. Travesty

  47. Trying to Run My Life

  48. Wait All Night (For Your Love)

  49. We Can Work it Out

  50. Yesterday's Girl

  51. You Make Me Hate Love

  52. You Seem So Far Away

  53. You're Singing Out of Tune

This is - for me - a difficult decision, of course. Cut to a shot of me declaring dramatically, "I love all my babies equally", which would be complete bullshit, so I won't say it. Nope... I have my favorites. Of that you can be sure.

That said, if you're familiar with any of these songs from the Starfire / Mickey Torpedo / Quik Fixx days, and you have YOUR favorites (whether it's YES PLEASE or NO THANK YOU), please share your opinion!

You can do it by replying here (my ego is strong enough)... Or, if you prefer to do it privately, just text me, email me, call me, snail mail me, carrier pigeon me, chat with me, mind-mend with me, carve it into a tree that you know I walk past, send a message in a bottle, use smoke signals, or - if we're close enough - whisper softly in my ear.

By the way, this is a 9 to 12 month project, so if you're not the impetuous type, take your time - meditate, consult the I-ching, flip a few tarot cards, roll some dice, trek your favorite spiritual path, study diligently, and then, only when you're ready - share your thoughts with us/me.

You will be heard!