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Creative Breakthroughs

Man, oh man...

There's nothing better than having a creative breakthrough... even if it's a fake one - one that seems brilliant in the moment, but turns out crappy in the long run.

My day job is a highly creative one. I'm a designer. I lead a training group... but really, I spend most of my time designing training classes, graphics, videos, events, communications, frameworks, models, and - well - a bunch of other stuff.

Because of my job, I am asked to be creative on an almost daily basis.

So... nothing sucks more than being stuck. And few things are better than breaking through that sticking point. Sure, hummingbirds, oysters, tequila, Sigur Ros, a hot shower, and Angie are better - not necessarily in that order - but not much else...

Which means that today was a very good day, because I had a breakthrough, or at least I 'think' I had a breakthrough, which feels the same for the moment.

I've been messing with a song that I wrote decades ago. I like it, but it felt 'off'. The opening is slow, and then it kicks in, increasing in volume and tempo... The problem is that the beginning felt really saccharine. Too pop. Too sweet. Too manipulative. Too 'uggh'.

I couldn't figure out what to do with it. The answer might be obvious to you, the objective reader.

But it wasn't to me, until I was listening to some Ramones today and realized that I don't have to have a slow opening. Why not just start at '11' and go up from there in both volume and tempo?

Duh... So, I played with the song. It seems to work. It's more powerful. More exciting. More 'real'.

There's still a lot more testing to do. As Carole King would ask, "Will I still love this version tomorrow?" Who knows...

But it feels pretty f'in good today!